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Welcome to YOPOP!

Yopop是一家专业的冷冻酸奶零售商。 Yopop冷冻酸奶使用一个新的制作系统,为我们的客户提供终极的快感冷冻酸奶。 Yopop冷冻酸奶,为客户提供DIY自助服务,从酸奶冰激凌球到新鲜水果和干果等配料自由搭配,从而让顾客享用到完全个性和符合个人喜好的健康绿色冷冻酸奶冰激凌。 Yopop冷冻酸奶是提供高品质的完全个性化口味的冷冻酸奶店。

Yopop frozen yogurt strives to bring you only the finest frozen yogurt and toppings. Our product is made with the highest quality ingredients with natural sweetener.
That is why our product is low in calories and fat, high in calcium and protein, and aids in digestion.
We have more than 50 flavors to get your mouth excited. Paired with delicious toppings, Yopop frozen yogurt encourages you to make your own yogurt your way! Choose and mix as many yogurt flavors and toppings to your desire. "You pay by weight not by toppings" It is simple as can be. Come in and create your own mix today!

天然成分证书 ( 2012 )Certificate of Natural Ingredients ( 2012 )

  酸奶冰淇淋(Frozen yogurt)   

酸奶冰淇淋(Frozen yogurt),又名优格冰淇淋,日本叫做处女冰淇淋。富含有活性菌类,低脂、低糖或无脂无糖,有美容减肥改善消化功能、提高免疫力的作用。以酸奶冰淇淋粉或浆料为原料,通过酸奶冰淇淋机制作而成,主要使用杯子或者冰淇淋甜筒盛装,并由顾客通过自行操作机器选取不同口味,还可自主添加巧克力豆、水果等配料。不同于一般冰淇淋,其因低脂、低卡路里、自主消费的模式等特点深受美国年轻人的喜爱,并逐渐风靡韩国、日本、马来西亚等国家,近几年,香港、深圳等地也开始盛行这股自助酸奶冰淇淋风。